As the global economy struggles with the gender imbalance in different facets of society, the question in no longer about what to do, but instead, where to begin. Like a problem, a solution also does not stand in isolation and requires a careful drafting of the ecosystem and its stakeholders affecting it. For Ungender, this journey’s starting point is workplaces and the tool being used are gender laws.

In our interventions, the questions that Ungender team addresses are common to the board room discussion revolving around:

How to increase women leadership in a workplace?

How to increase women participation in a workplace?

How to address the high attrition rate of female labor force in a workplace?

How to ensure the safety of female labor force in a workplac

How to create a productive work environment for all genders interacting in a workplace?


As we start addressing the “How” part of this subject matter, we also answer some very pertinent questions that leaders need to understand very specifically for their own organizations:

What are the diversity statistics of my organization?

What are the specific issues of conflict that exist in my workforce leading to a hostile, unproductive and unsafe environment?

What are the gaps that exist in my processes, policies and infrastructure that needs to be addressed for the well-being of women stakeholders?


Through our structured approach of Diagnosis-Design-Execution in an industry and organization specific manner, we partner with our client organizations and provide specific solution to a specific problem. Our current framework of intervention is inspired from the guidelines of gender laws existing for workplaces and combines it with the industry specific best practices from across the world.


With our Head Office in Delhi, we have extended operations across India with team representatives in Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Trivandrum, and Kochi. Visit our Team page (link to team page) and meet our core and extended team.