Partner With Us

At Ungender, we are creating an ecosystem.

A collective intelligence of all those organizations working on gender issues affecting workspaces, to engage on a continuous and regular basis and achieve our objective of un-doing the gender divide – creating safe, gender sensitive and compliant workplaces in India.

We are connecting with lawyers, law-firms, co-working spaces, incubators, online and offline service providers, industry associations to exchange insights, create refined product and services, knowledge upgrade on subject matters common to us all:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Safe workplaces for women
  • Gender sensitive workplace
  • Gender laws compliance
  • Gender laws education
  • Access to justice through legal facilitation
  • Stakeholders knowledge upgrade

Invite you to reach out to our team if any of the above subject area is aligned with your work activities or customer segment. We believe in collaborative efforts and fixing the larger puzzle picture on gender issues at workplaces. If you think you have a solution that our clients can benefit from let us know, and if you think we have some solution that someone can benefit from, let us know.

Write to us here.