Annual Report under POSH Act, 2013

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What does the POSH Act, 2013 say submitting Annual Report?

As per Section 21 and 22 of the POSH Act, 2013:

  • ICC, in each calendar year will prepare an annual report and submit the same to the employer and District Officer in such form as may be prescribed
  • Employer in its annual report should report number of cases filed and their disposal under the Act.


Is there a penalty for non-compliance with this law?

Yes, since this is a labour law compliance, the law prescribes penalty for non- compliance. An organization not complying with any of the mandatory compliances mentioned in the POSH Act, 2013 can be penalized with a fine of upto 50,000 INR, which can be extended to cancellation of business license in case of repeated non compliance.


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