Compliance Audit of POSH Act, 2013

Get the compliance audit of POSH Act, 2013 done for your organization and know how has your organization implemented POSH Act:

  1. Is your organization fully compliant with all the guidelines of POSH Act, 2013?
  2. Has the ICC maintained proper records of documentation of all the matters since the time it was set up, as per the guidelines of the Act?
  3. Have the annual compliance reports been filed before the relevant authorities appointed under the Act?
  4. Has the organization undertaken the relevant changes in all its legal documents and policies keeping in mind the changing definitions under POSH Act, 2013?


Download the CEO Handbook on Workplace Safety under POSH Act, 2013. 

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How will a compliance audit of POSH Act, 2013 help my company?

Ungender’s Audit methodology incorporates the procedural, documentation, infrastructural and policy requirement of the Act and is a very useful support to a company:

  • It is beneficial to understand the status of compliance of the law within your Company.
  • It is an appraisal of an organization’s operations to determine its compliance with the various mandatory compliance guidelines as prescribed under POSH Act, 2013
  • It helps prevent non compliance and imposition of penalty under the Act by checking whether or not the guidelines have been diligently adhered to achieve the objective of a safe and secure workplace under POSH Act, 2013

Is there a penalty for non-compliance with this law?

Yes, since this is a labour law compliance, the law prescribes penalty for non- compliance. An organization not conducting mandatory employee sensitization sessions can be penalized with a fine of upto 50,000 INR, which can be extended to cancellation of business license in case of repeated non compliance.


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