Training for Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) Members | POSH Act, 2013

The workshops and training sessions with the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) members under POSH Act, 2013 is focused on:

  1. Building ICC members’s capacity to conduct investigations on sexual harassment at workplace complaints
  2. Explaining guidelines of procedures, timelines and documentation as per POSH Act, 2013
  3. Building ICC systems and processes aligned with larger objectives of the organization
  4. Certifying redressal committee’s knowledge and skills through assessment and certification


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What are the critical elements that should be covered in the ICC Capacity Building Session under POSH Act, 2013?

The ICC Capacity Building Session is a critical session to update and make the Internal Complaints COmmittee learn about the important elements of the compliance under the Act. The ICC Capacity Building Session should focus on the following, among others:

  • ICC’s powers of a civil court
  • Procedure for conducting inquiry on sexual harassment complaint
  • Documentation guidelines ICC needs to follow while conducting the sexual harassment inquiry
  • Mandatory timeline criteria defined under the Act which ICC needs to follow while investigating a complaint

Is Training of ICC mandatory for an organization under POSH Act, 2013?

Yes, conducting training for ICC members is a mandatory obligation for a Company under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013. The law mandates that an organization should conduct regular capacity building and skill building programmes for the Members of the ICC.

How important is to conduct the ICC Capacity Building Session?

  • Setting up a robust ICC goes a long way in helping an organization reach the objective of building a safe workplace as per the mandatory guidelines of the Act.
  • It  reduces the reputational risk for the organization if the ICC is trained and can deal with cases of sexual harassment at workplace effectively within the organization itself.
  • The training also reduces the risk of litigation that is increasing for organizations due to ineffectiveness of ICC to deal with sexual harassment cases due to lack of awareness about POSH Act, 2013


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