POSH Documentation Capsule| POSH Act, 2013

The POSH Documentation Toolkit is a ready referencer for all the guidelines, templates, checklists on handling such complaints and ensuring your organization is properly compliant with the law. Key elements of the POSH Documentation Toolkit are:

  1. Checklists/Guidelines (with interactive videos)
  2. ICC Governance and functioning documents
  3. Readymade Templates & Documents related to anti-sexual harassment policy, notices, appointment
    of ICC, annual compliance report format etc.
  4. Legal Expert Support

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What are the important legal documents to be prepared under POSH Act, 2013?

POSH Act, 2013 mandates every organization to maintain certain documentation under POSH Act, 2013:

  • Anti-sexual harassment policy
  • Display notices
  • Annual Compliance Report to management
  • Annual Compliance Report to District Officer

Apart from this, an organization should review all its internal and external contracts and agreements.

Is there a penalty for non-compliance with this law?

Since this is a labour law compliance, the law prescribes penalty for non- compliance. An organization which does not comply with any of the guidelines mentioned in the POSH Act, 2013 can be penalized with a fine of upto 50,000 INR, which can be extended to cancellation of business license in case of repeated non compliance.

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