Online Employee Sensitization Training under POSH Act, 2013

Ungender’s online Employee Sensitization Kit for your employees allows them to complete their sensitization session easily covering all crucial facets of the law, with online test and e-certification:

  1. Basic understanding of the law and definitions of sexual harassment, employee and workplaces
  2. Different examples of sexual harassment at workplace
  3. Rights and responsibilities of employees & Internal Complaints Committee
  4. Procedures and timelines for filing complaints and investigations
  5. Consequences of filing false complaints

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Ungender’s online sensitization sessions for employees are designed with customized focus on the information that is to be known and understood by the employees in the organization.

Features (Standard)

  • Sensitization content with interactive videos.
  • Special content on misuse, false complaints, gender roles.
  • Assessment tests
  • Year- long access
  • E-Certification

Features (Premium)

  • Customization of content
  • Customization of e-certification
  • Quarterly Track Reports
  • ​Business Units/Subsidiaries’ Customization
  • Admin access to control the platform

Check out the demo video from the e-module for employees on POSH Act, 2013