POSH Awareness Session & Workshops for Management and CXOs

 In this session designed for Promoters, Directors, CXOs and Business Unit Heads, you learn:

  1. Aligning leadership with POSH Act, 2013 guidelines
  2. Increasing effectiveness of adherence to the POSH Act, 2013 guidelines
  3. Strategising critical success factors required for ensuring workplace safety
  4. Establishing the scope of organization’s responsibility & accountability on POSH compliance


Download the CEO Handbook on Workplace Safety under POSH Act, 2013. 

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Why is this session important for CXOs and Business Unit Heads?

  • Consequences of non-compliance of POSH Act, 2013 directly affect the operations and reputation of the organization
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities by the managements helps in rolling-out the safety guidelines of POSH Act, 2013 throughout the organization in a structured manner


How will this session help my Company?

  • The Management will understand the new law preventing sexual harassment at workplace and its specific obligations imposed on the employer.
  • Management will understand the reputational risk that can be minimized if the issues of sexual harassment at workplace is curbed and handled effectively within the Company.
  • Management will understand the direct and indirect cost of non-compliance of this labour law compliance


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