Train Local Complaints Committees under POSH Act, 2013

The training program for Local Complaints Committee (LCC) members is designed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge components to allow them to execute their duties as assigned under the Act. It focuses on:

  1. Building LCC members’s capacity to conduct investigations on sexual harassment at workplace complaints
  2. Explaining guidelines of procedures, timelines and documentation as per POSH Act, 2013
  3. Aligning the LCC members aligned with larger objectives of the organization
  4. Certifying redressal committee’s knowledge and skills through assessment and certification

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Is the training or Local Complaints Committee members’ mandatory?

Yes. The Act mandatorily requires that Committee members undergo adequate training in order to impart their duties and responsibilities in appropriate manner.

How are Local Complaint Committee members chosen?

Members of this Committee are chosen by the District Officer in accordance with the guidelines of the Act, where:

  • A chairperson is to be nominated from among women who are eminent in the field of social work and committed to the cause of women
  • One member is to be nominated from amongst the women working in the block/taluka/tehsil/ward/municipality of the district
  • Two members, of whom at least one is a woman are to be nominated from amongst such non-governmental organisations or associations committed to the cause of women, or must be individuals who are familiar with the issues relating to sexual harassment
  • Provided that at least one of the nominees should, preferably, have a background in law or legal knowledge
  • Provided, further, that at least one of the nominees shall be a woman belonging to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe/ Other Backward Classes/ Minority Community as notified by the Central Government from time to time
  • The officer dealing with the issue of social welfare or women and child development in the district will be an ex-officio member of the LCC

Where can I find details of Local Complaint Committee in my District?

The details of the Committee members should be available on the State or District Website and/or can be retrieved from the office of the District Magistrate/Deputy District Magistrate.