Display Notices at workplaces under POSH Act, 2013

Ungender Team helps companies draft customized display notices which covers all three aspects of the POSH Act, 2013:

  1. Preventive guidelines to be established within companies to reduce the occurence of incidences within companies
  2. Penal consequences of sexual harassment at workplace
  3. Details of ICC for employees to have clear idea on the way forward with such complaints.

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What does the POSH Act, 2013 say about displaying notices?

As per Section 19 of the POSH Act, 2013:

  • display notices reflecting the penal consequences of sexual harassment at workplace and order constituting ICC under the Act

The Section expands the obligation further by stating that:

  • Notices should be displayed at conspicuous places in the workplace.


Is there a penalty for non-compliance with this law?

Yes, since this is a labour law compliance, the law prescribes penalty for non- compliance. An organization not complying with any of the mandatory compliances mentioned in the POSH Act, 2013 can be penalized with a fine of upto 50,000 INR, which can be extended to cancellation of business license in case of repeated non compliance.


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