Train your HR Team on POSH Act, 2013

Comprehensive training of Human Resources (HR) team on POSH Act, 2013 will help the team in:

  1. Defining the role and responsibilities of each stakeholder within organizations to implement POSH Act, 2013
  2. Developing strategies to operationalize the preventive and redressal mechanisms as defined in POSH Act, 2013
  3. Understanding the scope of work (support and operational) to be taken by the HR team for putting the safety measures in place for women employees
  4. Supporting the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) team in their inquiries into sexual harassment complaints within workplaces.


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What will the HR team learn through this session on POSH Act, 2013?

Through this session, the HR team will develop an understanding on:

  • Applicability of POSH Act, 2013 on different stakeholders within an organization
  • Guidelines to be implemented under POSH Act, 2013 within an organization
  • Scope and limitation of HR team’s role during investigations of sexual harassment complaints
  • Associated responsibilities of the HR Team with respect to ICC’s functioning
  • Procedures and timelines as defined under the POSH Act, 2013

Is there a penalty for non-compliance with this law?

Yes, since this is a labour law compliance, the law prescribes penalty for non- compliance. An organization not conducting mandatory employee sensitization sessions can be penalized with a fine of upto 50,000 INR, which can be extended to cancellation of business license in case of repeated non compliance.


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