Implementation of POSH Act, 2013 in the Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing industry, in addition to the challenge of operations away from the corporate setups face the following challenges with respect to the implementation of the POSH Act 2013:

  1. Existence of a more obvious and visible forms of harassment;
  2. Lack of educated and empowered women employed reporting such incidents;
  3. Communication protocols affecting a direct reach to the Internal Committees constituted; and
  4. Language and cultural elements affecting the expanded definition and understanding of “Sexual harassment”.

At Ungender, we have devised a customized approach to implementing the guidelines of the Act to ensure that desired objectives or the Act are aligned with the industry complexities for organizations operating in this sector. Our experts work with client organizations to identify the employee composition and different factors (infrastructure, cultural elements, and language requirements) to design implementation plan that accommodates all “women employees” affected and involved.


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